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My name is Michael A. Coan, and POPCAN.ORG is my website dedicated to my collection of cans, and can collecting in general.

My main focus of my collection is pop/soda cans. I also have energy cans, beer cans, and evern pop/beer bottles. I also collect some pop/soda related merchandise.

I've been collecting since the late 1980's, and was very big into trading/buying in the late 1990's. In the early 2000's, I had gotten married, had a child, and moved a couple of times which my collection ended up being in storage for about 15 years. I still collected new cans during that time, but usually only when I came across something at the store. In late 2014, we purchased a new house with plenty of property, which lead to the building of my "Hobby Garage" in which my collection would finally be brought out of storage & hopefully displayed how any collection should be. Here is a little more history:

1989-1991 - I started collecting cans while I was in high school around 1989. We had Coke machines in our school, and my choice of drink was Cherry Coke. Well at that time they started to have some cool and different designs of their cans which I found very interesting, which led to me to keep some of them. I remember some of my early cans were these Cherry Coke cans, the 1990 Pepsi Summer "Cool" 4 can set, and some of the 1991A&W series of Snoopy Cans.

1992-1997 - Not much, adding slowing to my collection.

1998-2000 - The "BIG BOOM" of my collecting. This was also the start of eBay, so I was doing a lot of buying & selling of cans on eBay. I started my first website on Prairienet.org (which you will still find a few older pictures watermarked with that address - which is no longer valid). I was living in a 3 bedroom mobile home, with 2 of the bedrooms dedicated to my can collection. I had a good job, no wife or kid, so a lot of my extra income went to expanding my collection. I was also doing some trading at this time, but the number of can collectors I could find on the internet were few and far between during this time.

1999 - Started POPCAN.ORG. I've had people over the years wanting to buy this domain, but I just can't give it up.

2000 - Got married.

2001 - Moved to a new house - collection moved to new house, but mostly stayed boxed up in garage.

2001-2002 - Had a child, ended up moving again, and at this time space was very limited so my collection ended up boxed up in a storage unit

2003 - 2012 - Been "good", not buying much of anything off ebay, only picking up a few cans as I see them in the store.

2013-2014 - Starting to get back into my collection. Looking around on eBay, bidding on things that REALLY interest me, but walking away from cans I really don't need. Starting to make more "day trips" to different can distributing areas picking up cans not available in my area. My main collection is still in storage.

September 2014 - November 2014 - Purchased a new house with plenty of property - somehow talked my wife into letting me build a hobby garage for my can collection. Down payment on new garage has been made, and now just waiting for weather and schedule to allow them to start the build. Will hopefully start to move my collection out of storage into my new garage as soon as possible, weather permitting.




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