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How to Drain Cans:

WHY Bottom open cans:

1. Empty cans are less heavy and cheaper to ship.
2. Cans full of liquid can explode or leak when it gets too hot/cold, or the acid of the drink may eat through the can.
3. Having holes on the bottom - still lets you display the can, and it will look unopened & mint sitting on a shelf. (Look nicer)

Ways to open a can.

1. Top Open - Well the simple is just pop the top like it was meant to be. (Pros: Lets you enjoy the drink, easy to clean out) (Cons: Doesn't look as nice on the shelf).

2. Hidden/Fake Air - You basicly spin the tab a little, and put a small hole into the can (with thumbtack for example), under the tab. You then shake up, and you can dunk the can in hot water to help get the drink out of the can. After everything is done, you spin the tab back in place covering the small hole, and you have a fake air-filled can. (Pros: Looks Like) (Cons: Pain in the butt to do, slow, can make a mess, can't necessarly get all drink out.)

3. One Small hole in bottom - You can take a nail or screw and make a hole either in the bottom middle, or off to the side of the can. With only 1 hole, it is harder/slower to empty than if you have 2 holes. (Pros: Looks nice since hole is on bottom) (Cons: Can be messy as drink explodes with first hole, and with small hole very slow to drain.)

4. Two small holes in bottom - Same as the 1 hole, can use a nail or screw to make 2 holes - usually near the outside rim of the BOTTOM of the can (not sides). This allows for easier drainage as one hole the liquid will escape, the other the air can get in. (Pros: Looks nice since holes are on bottom) (Cons: Can still be messy when the hole is first made.)

5. *** MY WAY *** - Use a church key to make 2 holes in the bottom. The holes are bigger then the ones made my a smaller nail/screw, but there are a few good reasons why I do it this way. (Pros: Quick, takes me 30 seconds to empty & clean out a can -- No waste, I can easily drink the soda -- Clean, with the slightly bigger holes, it makes rinsing the cans out easier -- Still looks the same sitting on a shelf -- And using a simple napkin/paper towel/rag, there is no mess) (Cons: The holes are slightly bigger, but sitting on a shelf no one ever see's them anyway.)

I made a quick video below of me bottom opening one of my Big Red Transformer Cans.

I've played around with different openers until I found my OXO SteeL Bottle Opener on Amazon, for about $7. Others that I had used in the past tended to bend, and would hurt my thumb if I was empting 20+ cans in a row.

Below is a picture of some I Bottom Opened a few years ago with a different opener.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to try to open cans ANY of these ways, PLEASE practice on cans you are not afraid to mess up. Putting too much pressure, or slipping can easily put a hole or crush part of a can if you are new. I never have an issues now since I'm conftroble with what I'm doing, but if you are just starting to try one of these methods, again start on cans that won't be a big deal if you accedently mess up.






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