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Other Information

This website is owned and operated by Michael A. Coan of COAN.NET

All information on this site is property of POPCAN.ORG and should not be copied or used on any other site without first attaining permission.  ((Just Ask - I'm a nice guy - I'll probable say yes!)

USE OF IMAGES FROM THIS SITE:  You are allowed to use any image from this site as long as:

  1. You do not edit any of the pictures.

  2. You make sure you give credit to POPCAN.ORG as to where the image came from

  3. Send me a quick e-mail image @ popcan.org and let me know where it is being used at.

I will also let people "link" to my images in case you want to use them in an auction or something.  AGAIN - Please let me know what you are using and where, that way I don't move the image to a new location and mess up your page.

All images from this site has been photographed by Michael A. Coan, or made by Michael A. Coan except where noted from another source.