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Coke - Disney 15 years (1987)



There were 52 cans put out in 1987 by Coke for Walt Disney Worlds 15th year. 

For the more "serious" collectors, I have found a few "variations" of some of the cans.

One example is the Diet Coke Cans.  Some of my cans have the background "lines" behind the "15 years" logo, while some do not have the lines behind the "15 years" logo.  (I have an example picture below)

I have also found some cans that have some special writting on them.  I have shown this in the picture below of 4 cans.)

Here is the breakdown of the cans  (When I actually have 2 "versions" of a can, I have listed them twice.  For the basic set, there is just 52 cans in this set.):


Coke Classic

Diet Coke

Cherry Coke

Diet Cherry Coke


Diet Sprite


Minute Maid (Orange)

Diet Minute Maid (Orange)

Minute Maid (Lemon)