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Star Wars Episode 1 Cans (1999)


(note:  this page is a little outdated, but holds a lot of good information.  I hope to have this updated in the next few weeks)

Pepsi-Cola Co. had a HUGH promotional deal for the Star Wars Episode 1 movie in 1999, and many different cans were made around the world to help promote this movie.  This page is here to help identify all the different cans made, and hopefully will help collectors know what they are missing from their collection.


PLEASE NOTE:  For the places marked ** NEED **, I will trade for these cans and/or buy at a reasonable price.  Please contact me (starwars@popcan.org) for more information.

Second Note:  One of the biggest questions I get from US collectors is about the 7up cans from other countries.  Well Pepsi owns the right to 7up just about everywhere in the world EXCEPT for the USA.  So that is why you see Star Wars on 7up cans in other countries.


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There were 8 different cans released.  They are:


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Pepsi put out 8 350mL cans.  Here is what they have:


Pepsi in Canada has put of a 20 can set.  These cans were brought out 1 every couple of weeks.  These cans are also numbered.  The cans included:

These cans look somewhat similar to the USA cans EXCEPT they have both English and French writing on them. 

England (United Kingdom)

Pepsi released a total of 16 cans.  The first 10 were normal 330ml cans.  They are:

Also there are 6 150ml cans.  


At least 3 cans were made here - more info coming soon


Pepsi in Germany put out 7 cans total.  5 330mL cans, and 2 500 mL cans.  Here are the 330mL cans that were released:

Here are the 500mL cans that were released:


More info coming soon


More info coming soon


Pepsi has just gone wild in Japan with they Star Wars cans.  I hope that I have covered everything.  (NOTE:  All the cans made in Japan was of just Pepsi)

First they released 8 different Pepsi Can

Then they RE-Made the cans and made the pictures look sharper and better.  So if you are a serious collector like me, you want each "version" of the cans.

Then the released some "gold rim" / Year 2000 Star war Cans.

Next Pepsi put out a cool set of 10 cans (that made up 5 characters!)  You have to stack 1 can on top of another to make the person. 

*** More information to come** - I still need some of the regular cans that were made.


Pepsi released 4 Pepsi Cans in Korea.  I have found a some cans with blue tabs, and some with silver tabs.  They are:

Pepsi (Qui-Gon, Queen Amidala, Darth Maul, & Jar Jar Binks)


4 Pepsi 325ml cans were released here:



Pepsi released 4 Pepsi cans here:



Pepsi released 6 cans.  Here are what they are:


New Zealand

Pepsi released 6 cans in New Zealand.  Here are what they are:


Pepsi released 4 cans in Portugal


Pepsi released 3 regular cans, and 1 "send away" special color can.


There were 8 330mL cans released in Spain.  They are:


5 cans were released in Turkey

Pepsi (Anakin, Kralice Amidala, Darth Maul, Jar Jar, C-3PO)

United States

Pepsi has put out a "base" 24 can set.  This set was brought out slowly with a new can every couple of weeks.  Some people found it had to find the "last" cans that were put out.  The cans included:

Also on the regular 24 cans, you will find hidden "words" on each of the can.  If you find them all, you will see 3 phrases which are:  "Anakin breaks free but may face new enslavement", "the Jedi triumph but their future is clouded", and "one menace is destroyed but another lurks nearby"

There were also 2 special cans of Storm Soda.  (Storm in a Lemon-lime product that was tested in LIMITED AREAS - has since been replaced by Sierra Mist.) On those cans were Jar Jar Binks & Qui-Gon. 

There are also a couple of different versions of the cans.  First in New York, the words "New York" can be found on the cans around the top.  Also in Iowa, they have all gold tops.  Both of these things are done for recycling programs in those states.  (They have an extra $.05 cost of each can - and a $.05 return deposit on each can - that way people from out of state can't come bring other cans in and try to make extra money - or something like that.)  (** NEED ** - I'm looking for a set of both of these)

There were also a total of 6 different Gold Yoda Cans!  The Gold Yoda cans was a special contest where if you found a Gold Yoda can in a 12 or 24 pack, you had to send the can into Pepsi where they would send you $20 plus a special "replacement" can.  The 6 cans are found on:

Next Pepsi made a special Pepsi can that they "hid" in cases of Pepsi like the Gold cans - This can is the Destiny Can.  It is full color (mostly black) and a cool looking can.  They supposable put 1 can in every 900 CASES!


First I have a special promo box set of 4 cans.  (probable only between 150-500 of these sets made.  I was told they were made for the distributors to show what the cans would look like.  They are in their own special box, and on the can it just has "gibberish".  Since these were made before the movie came out, they couldn't put the "real" words on the cans yet.

Also I have a prototype can of Luke Skywalker.  This is a VERY EARLY prototype / Mockup which it is said they only made a few of these to show the "very high exec's" and people like George Lucas to show what the cans might look like.  This was made so early by Pepsi, they just stuck a picture of Luke Skywalker on it (which in EP1 - isn't even born yet!)

Also I have only a picture of these prototypes.  I'm not sure if there were ever made into real cans, or if the picture is the only thing that exist.  If anyone knows more, PLEASE let me know.  (I would also be interested in buying the cans if they were actually made!) (NOTE:  Pictured on right!)