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Anheuser Busch Water Cans


Anheuser Busch Water Cans / Disaster Cans - Different Years

After disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, you will find some companies will start canning water instead of their normal product - then donate the water to the area of need.  The biggest company to do this is Anheuser-Busch.  

Anheuser-Busch started making donations to victims of disasters back in 1906 for the San Francisco earthquake.  During 1996-2001, A-B has donated more the 21 million cans of water to victims of natural disasters (facts from A-B's website)

Other companies like Coca-Cola and Stroh Brewery Co. have also done this, but not as much.  I do not have any of the Coca-Cola water cans yet, but I do have one Stroh's water can.

Finding a "MINT" Disaster water can is VERY hard to do.  Almost all of the cans are made of VERY VERY thin aluminum - which makes dings and creases very likely.  (They are free donated cans - they don't have to look nice, just hold the water.)  They will usually have an expiration date on the cans, or a "use within 60/90 days of date".  Usually the cans are white, but some silver cans are known to exist.

PLEASE feel free to use this list to help with your collection.  Also, PLEASE contact me with any information that is wrong, or that can be added.  Some of the information from this list might be wrong, so please help me update it if possible.  watercans @ popcan.org

Also, I'm very interested in getting as many different cans that I can, so I am interested in trading and/or buying cans that I need.

HOW LIST IS SET UP:    First is year made - place can is made - date on can - color of can - where disaster is / what disaster was (other notes)


Below is a list of "disasters" that I know that AB donated water, but I don't have the cans and I don't know what the date is on the cans.  AGAIN, please let me know if you have any of this information and/or want to sell/trade me for them.

The below are other "disasters" that I know that AB donated cans.  They many already be in the list above, but they might not be - so I'll list these here just to make sure.

AGAIN - Please let me know if you have any other information to add to this list.  Also if you have any cans that I do not have - and would like to trade or sell, PLEASE contact me at watercans @ popcan.org