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Trade Page (Updated November 9, 2014):

Cans available for trading COMING SOON. Some notes:

1. If I know you, or traded with you before, or if you are known as a good trader, then I have no problem sending cans at the same time. If you contact me out of the blue, and I don't really know you and you would like to trade, then I would want to FIRST receive the cans, and then send out my cans to you. Sorry to be that way, but there are too many people who "hide" in the internet and may be bad traders. [I have over 600, all positive feedback on eBay - I'm trustworty and will not screw over other people]

2. I DO NOT trade full cans. Almost all of my recent cans are bottom opened. I prefer cans that are bottom opened, but really - top open is OK also. You can check out my Drain Page to see how my bottom open cans look.

3. CANS I WANT: I live in Illinois, USA - so I can usually get many of the nationaly released cans, and cans for promotions in Central Illinois/Indiana area. So if you live on the west coast, then cans with local promotions from that area are cans I would love to get. Live in New York, would love to get some cans with the "NEW YORK" written along the top. Also looking for cans from other countries.

4. Trade for SIMILAR CANS. Try to stay even. If you have an old can fom 1960, it wouldn't be fair to you for me to offer a current 2014 can as an even trade. I should try to offer an older can, or at least 4-5 current cans for that 1 can. I'm very flexable, but lets try to keep things as even as possible.

Please e-mail me at MICHAEL @ COAN . NET with any offers. I trade on the first come, first trade bases - so let me know what you want as soon as possible so I make sure to set those cans aside

List of available cans for trade coming soon (well in the next couple of months - but after 15 years, that is soon.)




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