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MOST WANTED CANS: In general, I collect all types of cans - every brand, from any nation, in almost any condition. My main focus is on POP/SODA cans. I do some some beer cans, energy drinks, and pop/soda bottles in my collection also - but my main focus is on pop cans. I live in central Illinois, USA - and I love finding current cans from other locations - from around the USA with "local" promotions on it. (For example, there may be special Pepsi/Coke cans in Florida area that promote the Florida Marlin's Baseball team which is a can that would not be available in my area.) And of course any cans from outside of the USA are other cans that I'm always looking for.

Now there are also some cans that I REALLY want, so I figured I would list some of them. In general, I love PROTOTYPES cans, Not-for-sale cans, "Winning" cans, and cans with cartoon characters on them.

If you have cans you think I might want, please send me an email at: popcan --at-- coan.net

The list below is in no special order.

PROMOTIONAL CANS - I LOVE Promotional cans - these promo cans are sent to fans and people usually as a way to let people know of an upcoming promotion. Pictures to the left is the 2012 Halo 4 Mountain Dew Can - These cans were sent out along with Doritos to fans in a cool box.

Pictured to the right is an XBOX One Mountain Dew Can - These cans were also sent out along with Doritos to help promote the "Winner Every 2 Minutes" promo.

There are many other cans out there - especially Mountain Dew Cans.




1. 2013 Mountain Dew Regional Malt Flavored LIMITED cans. In 2012, Mountain Dew released a "Malt Dew", along with a contact for people to design & vote on the can design. What I don't think PepsiCo was counting on was people just didn't like the drink, so it was quickly discountinued - but the contest was played out. And in 2013 Pepsi/Mountain Dew Iconic Summer contest, it gave fans a chance to win one of the 6 cans, with a limited amount of each design made... so never sold at stores. I somehow missed out on this - and I would LOVE to get all 6 cans.

2. Anheuser-Busch (AND COCA-COLA) Water cans. Anheuser-Busch does something REALLY good. When there is a disaster, they stop bottling beer and instead can water and distribute that water to the area in need. I'm slowing compiling a list of different cans that were used in different "disasters", and hope to someday have many of these "disaster water cans" which will help tell a story..... like if they were used because of a hurrican, tornato, flood, earthquake, etc... You can see (currently outdated) list of what I have here: http://popcan.org/set-water.html. Coca-Cola also did this a few times, and I'm sure some other bottling companies have also, so I'm always looking out for new cans. (NOTE: Now days Anheuser-Busch actually cans 2-3 "batches" of emergeny water a year, and when the time is needed they quickly get them to the area in need.)

3. Coca-Cola "Bottle" can from the 1980's. In 1999 I believe, Coke did this again and I do have some of those cans - but would love to find some of these older cans for my collection.

4. Mountain Dew Sport (Regular & Diet) - Back around 1989, before there were tons of energy drink & sport drinks, they tried out Dew Sport.

5. Pepsi & Diet Pepsi A.M. - made around 1989/1990, Pepsi tried to bring out a "morning" Pepsi with 28% more caffeine as a way to get more people drinking Pepsi instead of Coffee. Believe it had a similar taste to Pepsi, just more caffeine.

6. Mountain Dew Red - Came out around 1988, way back before "Code Red Dew" - it was the first Mountain Dew flavor variation, available only in Alabama. There was also a iet version also.

7. Storm (Pepsi Product) - Gold Yoda Stars Wars Can. In 1999, Pepsi & Pepsi products did a BIG Star Wars promotion, and inserted into cases of cans were very limited amount of gold Yoda cans - which you could send in and get a $20 check & a collector can back from Pepsi. At this same time, Pepsi was testing Storm (A sprite/7-up type drink) in select markets, and also made Gold Yoda cans for Storm. I have managed to get ALL the other winning cans, but still missing the Gold Yoda STORM can. Below is a couple of pictures of the WANTED STOR CAN, along with a picture of my collection with 5 other gold cans.

8. Smurfs - I smurfing smurf smurfs! In Italy around 1983, Pepsi (Products) put out many smurf cans. I have some, but I really love Smurf & other cartoon charcters when they are found on cans... and always looking for me. Check out This Guys collection here.

9. Special "WIN" Cans - I LOVE "WINNER"cans - for years, they have had made special cans for different contests and such - sometimes they would put a T-Shirt with $.75 with the shirt in shape of a can in pop machines (so the winner would win a shirt, and money to get another can to drink) - I have a small collection of these, but I'm always looking for "winning" cans and such, like this special Pepsi GOLD Winning Cans that I would love to find.

10. Promotional Cans - Sometimes soda companies will put out promotional cans to help test a product - either a new drink, or possible a new design/logo printed on cans. Here are a couple of pictures of Pepsi "promo" cans - Now I DO NOT know if these are real promo cans, or possible "fan" created.

11. VERY SMALL "Local" promotional cans.... probable never available for sale to the public, but used at the bottleing company or a special event. (I have the Jerry Fuller Can, but not the other 2).

YES, Below I will include Chris Cavaletti's Speical can about can collecting! I will hopefully be trading with him soon, and he may come across this and see that I would LOVE to add a can to my collection, and hopefully I can offer many cans to help his collection, he may be able to part with one of these for my collection. (Note - Top open, and even with some dents are fine with me.) [For those who don't know who Chris is, he is a collector from Italy - who now has over 10,000 Pepsi cans in his collection.]

12. 1984 Sports Soda Collection(s). There is a 10 can "Big Ten" Football soda can set (I have the Illini Can since I live in this area), but never got the other 9 cans. There is also a 8 "Big Eight" Football set of soda cans also that I would love to get my hands on. These were distributed by the Sports Beverage Company of Champaign, Illinois.

13. Limited distributed Flavors of the Pepsi/Coke/7up/DrPepper cans. Sometimes the major companies will test a product, usually in a big city no where near where I live. Sometimes they will even send test flavor cans out to "fans" - I've been lucky to test out some Mountain Dew Flavors - and I'm ALWAYS interesting in these test cans (and documentation that comes with the cans.) So don't just test the flavor & throw the can out - send it to me!

BELOW - Looking for Variant 516 Mountain Dew Can. Sent to people in 2005, to have the test out new product. (There are a few different flavors Dew has done over the years - I'm looking for ANY AND ALL of them!


OK - There is a quick overview of some of my "Most Wanted" cans. If you happen to have one of those cans, looking to get rid of it - Please feel free to contact me at popcan --at-- coan.net Thanks.


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