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Update March 23, 2022

I am way behind in updating this website - but have been very active on the POPCAN.ORG Facebook Group.  Please like that page for updates.

I did just update the Star Wars Cans Page - with a list of known Star Wars Cans, with what I have and NEED.  Please contact me on Facebook if you have an update on that list, or any for sale. 


(Update February 13, 2008)

Mountain Dew Green Label Art Series - 6 cans (Bottles) in the first series is out now!  YEA!  (Series 2 coming Aug 2008)  (Also in the last update, I updated the Pepsi Can Design list a little.)


Plus in more Dew News - I believe 1 of these will be the new Dew Flavor!  YUM!  Maybe they will be smart at make all 3.  HEY PEPSI - Send me some to try, I will be happy to be a taste tester for these


(Update January 12, 2008)

WOW - Almost a year since I last updated this website.  I haven't stopped collecting, but many other interests have come ahead of my collection.  A lot of my collection is boxed up in storage, while I still look & find new cans.... which I almost immediately box up and send to storage.  Hopefully some day I will be able to unbox everything and get "back" into my cans.

2007 was a busy year.  A SUPER thing has happened to popcan collectors like myself - Pepsi has been putting all kinds of special cans out.  I've been trying to keep up - I already have around 22 different cans.... but I already know I'm missing a lot.  I was trying to find a list or checklist of the cans that Pepsi put out, and can't find nothing - so I guess I better start one here.  PLEASE e-mail me at popcan @ coan.net if you have anything to add to this list.  Even though I would love to trade what I have for what I don't, I'm not setup to do that right now... like I said above, as soon as I get the cans, I have very little room so they are boxed up and sent to storage.  Anyway, here is a list:

  • #1 - Your Pepsi (have)
  • #3 - Emoticon  (also found in 8oz cans)
  • #4 - DJ & CD's (have)
  • #5 - Global Festivals (have no # w/ IN State Fair) (have #5 8oz can)
  • #7 - Racing (have)
  • #10 - Car Culture (have)
  • #13 - MLB Clutch Play (have)

Please note, I have pictures of the first 22 can designs as found on http://www.pepsigallery.com/ - but I'm unsure of the # - since either I have the can with no number, or don't have the can:

  • #? - Amusement Park (have no # w/ Holiday World IN) (have no # w/ Navy Pier, Chicago)
  • #? - Scoreboard (have no # w/ Ball St. Football)
  • #? - MLB Teams (have no # w/ Cin. Reds) (have no # w/ Indians Fireworks)
  • #? - Photo Booth
  • #? - International Travel
  • #? - Groovy
  • #? - Large Emoticon
  • #? - Tech Bits
  • #? - Guitar Rock
  • #? - China Circles
  • #? - Stars
  • #? - Video Games
  • #? - Summer Fun
  • #? - Winter Snowboard
  • #? - Dancing People
  • #21 - MTV / Video Music Awards 2007 (vma.mtv.com)

The following are even newer cans - most seen towards the end of 2007, and now into 2008.... none of which are listed on the http://www.pepsigallery.com website.

  • #23 - ???
  • #24 - BNR - Love Everyone (have)
  • #25 - I have an idea (have)
  • #26 - ???
  • #27 - Throw Back a Pepsi (have)
  • #28 - Move Along - smash.yahoo.com/AAR
  • #29 - ???
  • #30 - "shirt" - Pepsibydesign.com (have)
  • #31 - NFL.com - Rookies
  • #32 - ???
  • #33 - ???
  • #34 - ???
  • #35 - New Face of Art (have)
  • #36 - Impossible is nothing - Adidas - StartMyStory.com (have)
  • No # - City Year - YourCityYear.com (have)
  • No # - Winner Design - J.J. West Nyack, NJ - DesignOurPepsiCan.com (have)
  •  Thanks Justin & others who have helped me fill out this list some more.

PLEASE e-mail me at popcan @ coan.net if you have anything to add to this list.  I take what information I get and add to this list.


(Update January 20, 2007)

Wow - I've had my popcan site on the internet for about 10 years now.  Sometimes I "forget" about it for awhile (Like the last update was over a year ago), and I always have plans to do more with this site - but I have many "hobbies" and many times I just get out of "can" hobby for awhile and concentrate on other projects that I do.

But I was looking at Pepsi's website earlier today, and it looks like they are going to be putting a lot of special cans out in the upcoming months - so that perked my interest enough to make me come back and post something new here.

First - Go to the Pepsi website, enter to get a code - then watch Super Bowl XLI in February 2007 to see if you win.  What you win is the above can worth $10,000!  (Jewel & such).  Oh, and you also get free Super Bowl tickets for life - but who cares about that - what a cool can!

Second, Pepsi shows 22 special cans they are planning on releasing.  My guess, probable a new design every 2-4 weeks.  I'm sure we will know more soon.  Here are 3 of the 22:  (Looks like the "Your Pepsi" can might be the first out?




(Update November 21, 2005)

OK, everything got moved to a better server - domain name renewed - everything should be back to normal.  I have some plans for this site - want to open it up to more users - let "users" submit news and such, hopefully things to make this site better.  On to some news:

Coke announced 3 new energy drinks for 2006.  ADVANCE by POWERade, a second Full Throttle flavour (Fury), and Tab Energy.

Holiday 2005 - Coke is adding the Coca-Cola Polar Bears to their US lineup, which some in other countries have seen more of then the US has.  I have already seen the Coke Bottles, plus some of the Coke products with the holiday design on them.  The brands of Coke Classic, Caffeine Free Coke, Coke Zero, C2, Diet, and Caffeine Free Diet (should) feature the Polar Bears on the cans.  (I will try to get a picture up soon.)


(Update November 16, 2005)

I'M SICK OF IT!  A few year ago, I paid a site to forward the POPCAN.ORG domain name & mail and everything to a different site.  Since then, the site started to offer this service free BUT they also stuck pop-up ads on the forwarded sites.  Since I paid for my service, I do not think my site should get the pop-up ads.  They had worked with me for awhile to keep the ad's away, but it is a constant fight to make them stop putting pop-up ad's on my site.  SO, as of today, I will be playing around with moving the domain name / pointer and such so the pop-up ad's will not be around anymore.  So during the next few days, there might be a little bit of down-time for this site while the domain name pointer and such are figured out.  The true place of POPCAN.ORG is:  http://coan.net/popcan/

Hopefully if things go smoothly, the name POPCAN.ORG will continue to work and no one will see a difference. 


(Update November 4, 2005)

Coke will phase out Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Diet Coke, and Diet Coke with Lemon in the US by the end of the year (2005).  Vanilla Coke & Vanilla Diet Coke will be phased out in the UK early next year.

Coca-Cola plans to introduce Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke & Black Cherry Vanilla Coke January 2006






(Update September 20, 2005)

Pepsi Sports Series 14oz Collectable Cans - Only found at Wal-Marts.  There is a 8 can NASCAR Track set, a 10 can Baseball World Series set, along with other cool cans.  Here is the list that I know about so far:

  • Pepsi - (NASCAR Track) - Daytona
  • Pepsi - (NASCAR Track) - Michigan International Speedway
  • Pepsi - (Pepsi Racing/Jeff Gordon) - Jeff Gordon - 1998 Stock Car Champ
  • Pepsi - (Pepsi Racing/Jeff Gordon) - Jeff Gordon - 2001 Stock Car Champ
  • Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #6 - 1975 - Reds vs. Red Sox
  • Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #7 - 1985 - Royals vs. Cardinals
  • Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #8 - ??
  • Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #9 - ??
  • Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #10 - ??
  • Diet Pepsi - (NASCAR Track) - Kansas Speedway
  • Diet Pepsi - (NASCAR Track) - California Speedway
  • Diet Pepsi - (Pepsi Racing/Jeff Gordon) - 1995 Stock Car Champ Jeff Gordon
  • Diet Pepsi - (Pepsi Racing/Jeff Gordon) - 1997 Stock Car Champ Jeff Gordon
  • Diet Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #1 - 1903 - Pilgrims vs. Pirates
  • Diet Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #2 - 1908 - Cubs vs. Tigers
  • Diet Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #3 - 1956 - Yankees vs. Dodgers
  • Diet Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #4 - ??
  • Diet Pepsi - (Major League Baseball) - World Series #5 - ??
  • Mountain Dew - (NASCAR Track) - Darlington Speedway
  • Mountain Dew - (NASCAR Track) - Talladega Speedway
  • Mountain Dew - (NASCAR Racer) - #19 Jeremy Mayfield Profile
  • Mountain Dew - (NASCAR Racer) - #9 Kasey Kanne Profile
  • Mountain Dew - (Dew Tour) - Chad Kagy Flip Whip (not sure about this can???)
  • Mountain Dew - (Dew Tour) - Chad Kagy "Fast Plant"
  • Mountain Dew - (Dew Tour) - Allan Cooke "Tailwhip" (with new dew logo)
  • Mountain Dew - (Dew Tour) - Allan Cooke "No footer can can" (not sure about this can???)
  • Sierra Mist - (NASCAR Track) - Homestead Speedway
  • Sierra Mist - (NASCAR Track) - Chicagoland Speedway
  • Sierra Mist - (Major League Soccer/MLS) - Freddy Adu Profile



(Update September 19, 2005)

  • MDX - a new "great tasting" energy soda from Mountain Dew - available in stores this winter.  (if I can get a free sample soon - I will let everyone know what it taste like!)
  • Coke is bringing out Fresca Sparkling Peach Citrus, Black Cherry Citrus, and regular citrus cans. 


(Update August 27, 2005)

  • Mountain Dew Pitch Black II:  Part II:  Back with a sour bite!  Only here for 90 days (Day 6 of 90 as I write this) (Until Halloween) (ThePitchBlackExperiment)
  • Rumor:  Cherry Sierra Mist  
  • MDX - Mountain Dew's new energy drink

(Update June 16, 2005)

Vault is the new coke product which they will put up against "Mountain Dew".  Currently being testing in a few area, I believe only in 20oz bottles right now - but expect a national rollout of the product in the upcoming months.



Wal-Mart & Pepsi 14oz Limited Edition Cans Update.  These cans are in addition to the ones I've listed below (Feb 21st).

  • Jeff Gordon - Drive for Five can (pictured)
  • World Series Cans - 10 can set (probable 5 Pepsi & 5 Diet Pepsi)
  • Mountain Dew - Dew Tour - Allan Cooke "no footer can can"

Plus some very cool Pepsi Star-Wars cans from Japan - (Look at picture here)




(Update April 15, 2005)

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Charlotte, North Carolina is celebrating and remembering 100 years of service this year.  Commemorative Pepsi & Diet Pepsi cans were unveiled to the public on April 14th, and only available in a limited area in the Charlotte, NC area.  1905-2005  [Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Charlotte's Website]





(Update April 12, 2005)

Limited Edition - Illinois Fighting Illini Basketball 2004-2005 - "Congratulations Fighting Illini On One Of The Greatest Seasons In History!"  Go illini!


Hong Kong - Just found some Star Wars Episode III pop cans on eBay on COKE! 




(Update March 29, 2005)

Coke Zero - Coke Zero now has it's own website (http://www.cocacolazero.com/) and starting today, and running for 10 days - a limited auction on eBay for the chance for one of the first tastes plus other collectable goodies.  To be released in June.

Mountain Dew Electrocution - Berry Flavored I think, but I have not heard anything else about it (other then finding the picture!)

Tropicana Twister Soda - Pepsi is doing away with the Slice brand, and making the Tropicana brand.



(Update March 25, 2005)

Pepsi will once again be promoting the new Star Wars movie which is to be released in May 2005.  They have planned some cool promotions like a limited edition Darth Dew Slurpee at 7-Eleven stores - but I have yet to hear if they will have special cans or not.  (Hope so!)

May 2005 - Diet Coke with Splenda

June 2005 - Coca-Cola Zero - No Calorie coke.  Watch eBay in April - Coke to auction a sample pack of Zero on eBay

Soon 2005 - Re-Launch of Pepsi One with Splenda

Pepsi will try to bring their Mirinda & Manzanita Sol brands to the US to test.

Canada - Coke has introduced new "mini" cans in Canada - 237 mL (normal is 355 mL)


(Update February 21, 2005)

Pepsi Sports Series 14oz Collectable Can Updated below - not as many cans as I thought so far, but still a lot.  I would guess that there will be multiply MLB can's, but I do not believe any of those are released yet.  So far, 15 cans have been released.  (I have all 15 of them.)  Out of those 15, 8 are part of a NASCAR track set.  4 are part of a Jeff Gordon set.  These I believe can only be found at Wal-Mart

  • updated above - Sept 20th, 2005

Watch for Pepsi to start producing Tropicana carbonated drinks which will replace Slice - April 2005


(Update February 14, 2005)

Pepsi Sports Series 14oz Collectable Cans list is updated below - so scroll down.

April/May 2005 - Pepsi Lime & Diet Pepsi Lime.  Pepsi can't let Coke have all the Lime flavored cola's.

Look for a new Mountain Dew Logo later in 2005.  Plus with the success of Code Red, Live Wire, and the so-so of the Pitch Black Mountain Dew - Expect more of the same in 2005!


Diet Coke with Splenda - 2nd Qtr 2005.  I've also heard of a Coke Zero as diet version of Coke, but not sure if these 2 are the same or not.

Is Coke going after Mountain Dew yet again?  (remember Mellow Yellow, Surge, etc..) - Well possible look for something called "Vault" in 2005

Coffee Flavored Cola's - Coke may try this again.  ("Blak" or "Makkio" ?????)

(Update February 9, 2005 - Updated Feb 14)

Pepsi is bringing out a new "Sport Series 14oz Collectable Cans".  I'm still trying to figure out what all the cans that are going to be released.  (As I write this, I only have the 4 cans above).  If you have anything else to add to this list, Please feel free to e-mail me and let me know

UPDATE:  These are a special promotion/trail that I believe is only available in Wal-Mart   At least 22 different cans I believe so far, but probable more!  (includes 8 can NASCAR Track Set)

Here are the cans that I think will be released:

  • List updated above.

Coca-Cola News:  Feb/March 2005 will bring Coca-Cola with Lime.  April 4, 2005 will bring us Sprite ReMix Aruba Jam

Late 2004, 7up brought out a 6 can Grammy set spread over 6 of their products. Each can was designed by a Musical entertainer.  Those cans are:

  • 7up - Michael McDonald - 5 Time Grammy Winner
  • Diet 7up - John Ondrasik - Grammy Nominee
  • Cherry 7up - Wynonna Judd - 5 Time Grammy Winner
  • Sunkist - Brian McKnight - Grammy Nominee
  • A&W Root Beer - Randy Travis - 4 Time Grammy Winner
  • Canada Dry - Dave Koz - Grammy Nominee

Plus 3 other cans that I have found January, 2005

  • Pepsi United Way of Champaign County (Illinois)
  • Pepsi Super Bowl XXXIX - Feb 6, 2005 - Jacksonville
  • Coke NCAA Final Four - April 2005


(Update October 11, 2004)

Sorry that I do not keep these pages updated.  I have some plans to try to make this into a "community" page where anyone will be able to submit news about new cans, etc...  Don't know when I'll do this, but it is planned.

Here is some "can" news.

Pepsi - With the success of "limited edition" drinks, for Halloween it brought out Pitch Black Mountain Dew.  For Christmas 2004, it is bringing out a holiday Pepsi flavored drink.  (I have tried it, and it's not very good in my opinion.)

Dr. Pepper is bringing out Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper (and a Diet version).  I believe it is out in test markets now, and will be nation wide in Jan 2005.  This is the "first offering in the company's new Fountain Classics line." - as quoted from 7up's website.

Also in the 7up family of cans, 6 artist helped design special cans for the 2004 grammys. 
-- Michael McDonald for 7 UP
-- John Ondrasik for Diet 7 UP
-- Wynonna for Cherry 7 UP
-- Brian McKnight for Sunkist
-- Dave Koz for Canada Dry Ginger Ale
-- Randy Travis for A & W Root Beer.

I'm still looking for the Canada Dry can, but hopefully I should be able to provide a picture of these cans at some point.




(Update September 13, 2003)

*** The Lord of the Rings. - I believe the Lord of the Rings cans are being promoted on 7 different brands:
- 7up  (Frodo)
- Diet 7up (Aragorn)
- Cherry 7up (???)
- dnL (Gollum)
- Sunkist Orange Soda  (Sam)
- A&W Root Beer  (Legolas)
- Canada Dry Ginger Ale  (???)

But - how many different designs are there?  Note the picture of Aragorn on the Diet 7up can in the picture to the left that I took.  Now look at the picture of Aragorn on the Diet 7up can taken from the 7up website.  2 different designs!  So I'm still working on what is all out there.  Any other help would be appricated.  (You can e-mail me at:  michael @ popcan.org)



(Updated August 22, 2003)

*** The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers comes out on DVD on August 26, 2003.  To help promote the DVD release, Dr Pepper/Seven Up brands are helping promote the move.  I'm not sure what all cans the special designs will be on yet, but possible:  7up, Diet 7up, dnL, Sunkist, A&W, and Canada Dry.  (Information from Dr Pepper/7up website - including picture of can)

*** Special 7up cans - "Celebrate Alaska" have / are being released ONLY in Alaska!  5 unique scenes including a fish jumping in a lake, a seaplane soaring, a bear capturing a fish, a dog sled team, and a whale breaching.  Cans hit store shelves this month and additional packaging will roll out until August 2004.  (Anyone from Alaska want to send me some 7up cans???)  [Full story here]

*** Pepsi Vanilla & Diet Pepsi Vanilla have been release.

(Updated July 10, 2003)

*** TRADE PAGE is now OPEN!

*** Pepsi (USA) released a 4 can set to help celebrate 4th of July.  (click picture for BIGGER picture)


*** Mountain Dew - Special can for the movie Hulk (click picture for BIGGER picture)

*** Mountain Dew Live Wire - Limited for Summer 2003.  This is actually pretty good, and I would not be surprised if this comes back as a regular drink like Code Red is!  (click picture for BIGGER picture)


*** Nestea (Coke product) - Charlies Angels special can - to promote new movie!

(Updated May 2003)

** Dr Pepper - X-Men can are being released (May 2003).  There are 6 different can designs.  BUT, I believe all 6 can be found on regular Dr Pepper, possible all 6 can designs on Diet Dr Pepper, and possible all 6 can designs on Red Fusion!  (I've only found 1 can design on Red Fusion so far - but I'm still looking!)  Also note that Dr Peppers web site talks about the promotion also being on Caffeine Free Dr Pepper & Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper (but possible not any cans) (USA)

** Dr Pepper/Seven Up - Promotion coming soon for the Aug 26, 2003 release of second Lord of the Rings on Video - "The Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers".  The promotion will be across seven of the company's soft drink brands including 7 up, Diet 7 up, Cherry 7 up, dnL, Sunkist, A&W, and Canada Dry.  Imagery WILL appear on 12 ounce cans. (USA) (LINK)

** The Message Board on this site is NOW OPEN (again)

** Sprite Remix - Launched in the USA in Feb/March - it can now be found in cans (May 2003)  It is a tropical version of Spite!  (USA)  (click for BIGGER picture)


** Spite Ice - To be (Has been?) released only in Canada & Belgium so far.  It is mint flavour. (Canada & Belgium)

** Hulk (Movie) - The Hulk movie is coming mid-June & Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Sierra Mist are going to help promote it.  Do I see special cans coming??  (USA)

** More New Products:  Mountain Dew LiveWire (Orange dew) will be out for a limited time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Pepsi Vanilla (Vanilla flavored cola) will appear late summer 2003.  Cans should be made for BOTH of these products!  (USA) 


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